Production Solutions

Production Solutions

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As your partner, we can identify ways you can grow your business and help you build a solid foundation for your digital printing business. No matter your goals, XMC and Xerox are here to help you succeed. Whether you’re just getting started in digital print or are looking to transform your successful business into something more, we’re committed to putting our decades of industry experience to work in every aspect of your business. Our commitment begins long before the product is installed and continues throughout the life of our partnership. Our portfolio of digital printing solutions can help you make the most of the latest application opportunities and help you grow your business.

When you partner with XMC and Xerox, we’ll support you with a team of highly skilled professionals and a closed-loop process that enables us to remotely resolve problems—sometimes before you even know they occurred. Whether through web tips, by phone or on-site, we’ll be sure you remain as productive as possible.

We have developed and assembled the industry’s most comprehensive array of production solutions to complement the full range of Xerox® printers. By partnering with fellow industry leaders, we’re able to help you achieve a fully automated production process, from web to finish, for virtually any application you’d like to produce. Whether your finishing needs are inline, offline or both—we offer a range of innovative options to make sure they’re met.

An efficient workflow is essential for your business, and automation is required to achieve true productivity. From job submission to prepress, on press and right through finishing, infusing the print manufacturing process with automation can help you get more jobs through your shop faster, giving your customers the turnaround times they demand and the cost savings you want.

No matter how fast your printer is, focusing on equipment alone isn’t enough to remain relevant in today’s marketplace. To truly stand out from the competition, tap into new revenue streams and effectively manage costs, you need to take a closer look at how you manage the entire job—from the moment you receive a request until the delivery of the finished output. That’s why Xerox has invested in software solutions that allow you to automate any or all of your production processes. We offer a comprehensive, ever-expanding portfolio that begins with the Xerox® FreeFlow® Digital Workflow Collection and extends to the powerful capabilities enabled by XMPie and the diverse offerings available through more than 140 of our leading technology partners from all around the world. We understand that workflow solutions are not one-size-fits-all. And we’ve worked alongside our partners to assemble a portfolio well-equipped to meet the needs of many while maintaining the versatility to meet the needs of one.

Whatever matters most to you and your operation, we can help you meet your unique challenges and achieve the success you want.