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Find contacts faster

ConnectKey enhanced address book speeds up finding contacts

Spend less time looking for contacts with an enhanced address book that stores all email, fax and scan information in a single contact. Simplify workflows with favorites that highlight common destinations.


Embedded support

Reach Xerox Online Support database while on the Xerox ConnecKey multifunction printer

Reduce employee frustration and downtime with on-device access to the full Xerox Online Support database from both the user interface and the print driver, the same content available to your support technicians and Embedded Help Videos.


Remote control panel

Operate the Xerox ConnectKey multifunction printer remotely from any office workstation

Operate the multifunction printer user interface from any office workstation as though you were standing right in front of it. Remotely train users and configure multifunction printer settings with the peace of mind that integrated security allows only a single authorized operation at a time to prevent multiple remote procedures.


Better device drivers

ConnectKey multifunction printers use one driver platform

Interact with the Print Driver simulator

Simplify device use and management through a consistent driver platform across all ConnectKey enabled multifunction printers. Train people once for multiple devices.


Faster multifunction printer setup

Clone existing configurations and send them to any ConnectKey multifunction printer for easy set up

Speed up your setup by easily cloning existing multifunction printer configurations and sending them to a similar ConnectKey enabled multifunction printer. Not only is this faster, it ensures consistent settings for security compliance.


Customize your solutions

Create your own applications to run on ConnectKey multifunction printers

Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) serverless technology allows creation of applications to run on ConnectKey enabled multifunction printers, without the need for additional IT infrastructure. This allows you to simplify and personalize the usability of your device with a range of capabilities from support applications to scanning.

Learn more about Xerox ConnectKey Apps


Xerox device management software

CentreWare Internet Services device management software allows updating ConnectKey multifunction printers remotely

Interact with the CentreWare Internet Services simulator

Our free device management software tool, CentreWare Internet Services, has a streamline UI look and feel and allows for updating of devices remotely, which gives you added productivity advantages. It also offers support of McAfee Embedded Alerts.