Connect Key Cost Control

Cost Control

Real-world challenges, real savings.

Do more with less.

Reducing costs is vital to staying competitive. ConnectKey saves you money with tools to help people work more efficiently and control the resources used by your multifunction printer.


Application Defaults


Money Saving Document Sharing Applications with Connect Key

Save money on toner and ink while reducing wasteful printing with default settings – like printing multiple pages on a single page or printing a user's ID in the margin instead of a banner sheet – as set by application and user.


Control User Permissions


User Permissions Control with Connect Key

Take full control of your print environment with detailed user permissions. Available options such as color printing can be specified by users, groups, time of day and application. You can also distinguish between what capabilities are available for walk-up users. Cisco® TrustSec integration provides comprehensive visibility of all ConnectKey enabled multifunction printers' endpoints to enforce IT-centric security policies and compliance.




Print Activity Accounting with Connect Key

Enhance visibility into your organization's print activity with built-in accounting capabilities. ConnectKey also offers job-based network accounting that integrates with third-party accounting and billing solutions from Xerox Business Partners.


Xerox Earth Smart


Earth Smart Printing with Connect Key

By default, our print driver is set to two-sided printing, and the Earth Smart feature allows you to select other default settings such as not printing banner pages.


Power Management Tools


Power Saver, Power Management Tools - Connect Key

ConnectKey enabled multifunction printers are compatible with energy management solutions such as Cisco® EnergyWise that allow IT operations and facilities to measure and fine-tune power usage to realize significant cost savings.

Key aspects of the solution include:  IT power management for network-attached devices like ConnectKey enabled multifunction printers. Visibility, control and automation – 24-hour monitoring and reporting, ease of configuration and policy enforcement. For example, with Cisco energy management solutions, you can set power states for the multifunction printer for optimal power savings. You can also set the multifunction printer to go to sleep mode after 10 minutes, get current power consumption information and set timeout to low power and sleep modes.


ENERGY STAR® Compliance


ENERGY STAR Power Saver Tools - Connect Key

As a charter partner of the international ENERGY STAR® program, each new generation of Xerox® products offers more functionality and uses less energy – saving our customers money and reducing their carbon footprint.